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16 March 2013

All White..kinda?!

SOOOO IM BACK AGAIN ! I blogged earlier this morning, but I am at it again ! Just came from a nice little lunch from my girls (: Weather was hot tamale, but praise the heavens the restaurant had hell strong air con! 
I went all white today..mostly ? I had purchased this crimson jacket not too long ago and wanted to style it with an all white dress (i have yet to find the perfect one) BUT for the time being, I paired it with my white Boy London tank and a white body con skirt. The outfit IMO looks better with the jacket buuuuut it's hella hot !

 lol excuse the dirty mirror -_____-

JACKET: I copped this a week or two ago from Bardot. I spotted the beauty and debated on purchasing it. I mean, I thought it was killa, but had been wanted a leather one and wasn't sure if I would regret settling for a denim one or fork out a little extra for a leather one online. But from the compliments I've recieved, the jacket it pretty convincing (none really picks up on the fact that its not leather at first glance ;))

Jordan 3s on mah feet :D:D:D

oh yeah ! i wore this too (: It's a Crooks and Castles five panel I recieved from my cousin (:
check out her blog : 
ANNND the chain necklace is from Lovisa (: It's practically a 3 in 1 (; 3 chains, one necklace

Also, I feel kinda bad after neglecting this blog, I really should post more... 
It's just I haven't gotten the time to shoot good quality photos with my SLR lately ):
With Uni and work taking up my schedule I guess these iPhone snaps will have to do.
Im thinking I should really be blogging twice a week at the MINIMUM, this will be my goal during semester (fingers crossed i stick to it !)

Also keep an eye out, I may or may not post an entry filled with random outfits I have sported in the last couple of months I haven't been able to show

Aiight, enough from me
IM OUT ! peace x

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