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17 March 2013

Current Favourites

Here's a compilation of some of my favourites as of late (a.k.a. my "catch up" post )

GRAPHIC SHIRTS AND TANKS: this one i received from karmaloop on valentine's day (LOL making A$AP my valentine (;) ahaha just kidding ! But I've been purchasing a lot of graphic tee's as of late, especially men's shirts.. they always seem to have better shirts than women ): 

CURLS: I love the cute, kinky, ghetto curls ! hella cute ! but with my straight, long hair- also hella long to do D: Can't go without doing the hair flick when I curl my hair though ! LOL

HEADWEAR: this has become sooo handy during my uni days. If I wake up and just not feeling my hair, a beanie or 5 panel will do the trick ! plus it makes any fit look dope (;

* also I am loving RED LIPS ! Lady Danger by Mac is currently my go to lippie (:

SNEAKERS: they're comfortable and they're easy (: Jordan 3s (white cements) are my favourite, BUT lately it's been raining and i'm about to turn my clean white leather into brown 
ahahah so during the dull, itlookslikeitsabouttorain or the dudeithinkitsrainingdays I will most likely be wearing my 4s. I've worn them in the rain, and they honestly don't look touched.

PLAID: with the camp print overkill (don't get me wrong, camp is still sick) I've been wearing plaid a lot recently. Just tie a plaid button up around the waist and you're all G (: 
Plus thrift stores are FILLED with them, so no need to fork out $$$

that's it folks ! 

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