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15 April 2014


Okay so after neglecting my blog for a long ass time i am back ! I landed a new job and literally no time to shoot. As well as this, I have been drowning as I struggle on with my last year off uni ( on the bright side I graduate soon WOOT). My schedule has been sooo busy lately, I haven't even been able to spend quality time with my partner in crime Jay (ya'll should know her by now, she takes half my pictures). 

Anywhooo these shots were taken by Izzie a.k.a. my best friend. The looks overall that I came up with were a bit mixed...It was my attempt of coming up with some more posh/cleaner looks as opposed to the street style I usually am influenced by. I've shot a few outfits, but for now you can look at just one ;) more coming in the next few days. The pants I am wearing are by Motel Rocks (dope af print if i may add), and the shirt is from my sister's closet..I never returned it . oops LOL. Also my shoes are from zu! Hope you like !

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